What is CBDP ?


Brand new to the industry! neurontin 300 mg dosage Introducing Cannamor CBDP

source CBDP is our Micro-encapsulated, Full spectrum, CBD, Hemp protein powder. Now available to the EU Hemp industry. 52 x more bioavailability in the body, tasteless, odourless, full spectrum CBD entourage effect, fully soluble in water. 100% natural, organic, vegan friendly, kosher, halal, This product is the first of its kind.   300mg 3% CBDP. Available very soon from our website so please keep posted for more information on how to get your hands on the very first ever batch.

Own brand service

Want to work in the Hemp industry? Here at Cannamor, we offer a “Own Brand Service” that allows you to develop your own brand as well as inventive packaging ideas and loads more cool stuff. We can help your business spring to life so please get in contact tofind out how we can help you move forward with your next best ideas.